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TaL AM - Curriculum for grades 1, 2, 3 and 4, and ongoing development of program for grade 5, to be released in 2008-9
TaL AM presents a Natural Approach to Hebrew Language Acquisition (click to read a recently published article by Tova Shimon and Stanley Peerless).
Tal Sela - for Grades 2-6

TaL AM and Tal Sela are available for grades 1-6 for Hebrew Language Arts and Jewish Studies in day schools and supplementary schools.

The program activates learning in all frames of mind by utilizing a wide range of activities for all modes of communication, integrating Hebrew Language acquisition, the development of Jewish concepts and values, and reading and writing skills.

In accordance with these principles, the programs create a visual and auditory Hebrew environment in the classroom which is mirrored in the students' materials, thus extending their use into the home, enhancing retention and reinforcing the learning process.

The curriculum offers a variety of stories, Jewish sources, prayers and blessings, as well as songs, recitations and plays which are age-appropriate and which aim to develop the child and his, or her, Jewish identity.

Curriculum Learning Hebrew Heritage
Concepts and values Activating multiple intelligences Principles of heritage language development Torah
Judaic sources Developing learning and thinking skills Communication Tefilah
Children's literature Communication skills:
1. Listening comprehension
2. Oral communication
3. Reading and reading comprehendion
4. Functional and creative writing
Early childhood literature Shabbat
Language skills Monitoring progress and evaluation Vocabulary Holidays
Thinking and learning skills Language patterns Mitzvot
Planning Grammar Jewish laws and customs
Integration Spelling Primary concepts and values
Connecting home and school Sensitivity and respect for the versatile Jewish experience
Considering contemporary influences
Connecting between grades

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