We are excited and proud to announce that the Digital iTaLAM for Kita Bet will be available for implementation in the 2016-2017 school year.

iTaLAM builds on the strengths and success of the TaL AM curriculum to provide an internet-based curriculum that both challenges and engages the digital generation. It blends the print-based TaL AM with interactive games, songs, digital interactive books, and fun activities that create an engaging, interactive, and multisensory holistic learning experience.

Teachers are able to monitor student progress through iTaLAMís sophisticated, yet user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS). The system enables educators to monitor student work both in class and at home, as well as to evaluate, report, differentiate, and individualize learning.

For the 2016-2017 school year, the following digital and workbook components of Grade 2 will be available for purchase:

1. Chayey Yom Yom

2. Shabbat

3. Chag Sameach

The inclusive package consists of the following:

  • For the Student: digital units, printed TaL AM workbooks

  • For the Teacher: access to the LMS, PDFs of the workbooks for projection, and access to the TaL AM download center for enrichment materials

Please click this link to place your iTaLAM order for the 2016-2017 school year in the TaL AM webstore.

Before placing your order, please read the following attentively:

For successful implementation of iTaLAM in your school, teachers will participate in two comprehensive professional development institutes and 8-10 online teacher training sessions. The institutes, one before the start of the school year and the second in mid school year, will focus on effective implementation of the iTaLAM blended curriculum and on how to use the multifaceted capabilities of its LMS.

We are confident that iTaLAM, a state of the art curriculum, will succeed in providing your teachers and students with the best possible learning experience. iTaLAM was piloted by 21 schools globally during the 2015-2016 school year. Over this past year, we have incorporated the feedback from these schools in order to fine-tune the programís content and user-interface. The result is one which we are now enthusiastic to share with you. We invite you to browse through the pilot schoolsí testimonials.

To ascertain effective implementation of iTaLAM, we will need to check that your schoolís digital infrastructure is adequately equipped to support the digital content. Please see the system and hardware specifications.

To learn more about iTaLAM, contact us via email: contact@iTaLAM.org

You may also consult with the iTaLAM Liaison of your geographical region:

North America iTaLAM School Liaison: Dr. Rosalyn Grad, email: rosalyng@ITALAM.ORG

Europe and Asia iTaLAM School Liaison: Yael Dahan, email: dayael@013.net


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