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Tal Sela is organized around the following five graded and spiraled themes:

1. Between Man, his Family and his Friends.
2. Between Man and the Environment, the Jewish perspective.
3. Being part of a community and being aware of Jewish survival in the Diaspora.
4. From Bondage to Freedom Through the Ages.
5. Me, my People and Israel.

Each theme is represented by a unit that comprises the following materials:
For the classroom -
Envelopes of flash cards and games - for activating a Hebrew environment.
Audio cassettes - songs, listening comprehension activities, dramatic reading of stories and plays.
Graded library - age, language and theme relevant literature for the development of literacy and independent reading.
Graded material for learning centres - activating the library, the language and the theme.
Books on tape - for listening, creative and supportive reading.
Audio visual program - for selected units.

For Students -
Thematic workbooks that comprise literary, Judaic sources, language and learning activities.
Thematic envelopes that include content, thinking and language development, games and additional texts.

For Teachers -
A guide for each unit that includes alternative teaching strategies and activities for reinforcement and enrichment, and formative evaluation tools.

A Year of Learning with Tal Sela
  Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
Between Man and Himself
Between Man and His Environment
Purim Through the Ages
From Bondage to Freedom
The People and the Land
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