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  Future Webinars:

For information regarding planned Webinars, please contact:

Edna Shaulov, Institutes Coordinator

(514) 338-2973, ednas@talam.org

Custom-Tailored Webinars and Phone Conferences to Better Answer Your Needs:

If your school requires a custom-tailored webinar or conference call for instruction on a specific topic, you can count on our rich expertise for guidance in the implementation and use of our curriculum.

Please contact Tova Shimon (514-338-2990), Miriam Cohen (514-338-2970) or Drorit Farkas (514-338-2980) to discuss your request and see how TaL AM can best help you.

Recorded Webinars:

For the benefit of educators that were unable to attend our webinars, we offer recordings of several past webinars in our Community of Learners websites - CoLs for grades 1-5.

We recommend that you visit our CoL4 and CoL5 websites. Please note that, unless you're already registered, you may need to register first on the relevant CoL site(s) by choosing an appropriate and identifiable User ID and waiting for up to 24 hours for your registration to be approved by our staff.

Please note that registration is carried directly on the CoL website of your choice - there is no need to contact us for that matter - and is comprised of 2 steps:

  1. Click the "Login or Register" link at the left hand side of the CoL page you're accessing, then choose the "Not a Member Yet?" link and create a legible and identifiable User ID for yourself.
  2. Confirm your registration and choose your password by clicking the appropriate link on the confirmation email that you'll be receiving immediately after completing step 1 above (the email will arrive from: gardener@drupalgardens.com)



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